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How to Avoid House Contractor Rip-Offs

We have all heard some house contractor rip-offs. We talked with Jill, from Jilly Plumbing, she’s a close partner friend of ours, and a fellow blogger, she shares with us that some contractors take away thousands of dollars of deposit and disappear in thin air. Some home projects have dragged on for months or years with substandard work that had to be torn down and redone. Do your homework before choosing and hiring a contractor to avoid a rip-off if these stories scare you. These tips should help you avoid a house contractor rip-off. 

Perform a Background Check on the House Contractor

Please research the house contractor you are about to hire. Make sure that the company is reputable. Double-check and double-check again. Beyond just asking for recommendations from friends and neighbors, always dig deeper when finding a house contractor.

Have Everything in Writing

A written contract is vital when hiring a contractor. Maybe you are an honest person who believes in my word as my bond type of agreement. But let us face it, some people are not genuine. Verbal agreements do not supersede written contracts. Therefore, make sure that everything is in writing.

Do Not Pay Full Amounts

No honest contractor will ask you to pay the total amount upfront even before the job starts. Before the construction work begins, ask the general contractor to list all the subcontractors, their payments, and proof of payment. If they are unpaid, they might come to you for the unpaid wages.

Out of State Contractors

If you can avoid getting contractors out of state, please do so. That’s because tracing them will be difficult if they do a shoddy job or fail to complete the project.

Parting Shot

It’s not unusual for homeowners to get ripped off by rogue contractors. The nature of house construction is commonplace for rip-offs stories than you think. Follow the steps above to avoid entering into work contracts with unreliable and shady house contractors.…

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