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New: Global Chant Celebration first Tuesday of every month, 7pm, Armory Park Senior Center, 220 S. 5th Ave.

Central Tucson Global Chant is now 6pm Sundays, Water of Life church, 3269 N. Mountain Ave. 

Global Chant is a growing network of chanting circles. Our mission is to use chanting as a vehicle for global transformation and healing. We are open to wisdom from all traditions without being linked to any one teaching or ideology. Our sacred chant collection includes chants from the Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Jewish, Native American, Sikh, and Sufi traditions.

The first chapter of Global Chant, which began in 1996, continues to meet every week in Tucson, Arizona and has over 150 members. The simple format developed in this circle, which serves as the model for other Global Chant chapters, includes:circle1.jpg

  • Intention-Setting. At the beginning of a session, each member dedicates the love, blessings, and healing energy that is to be generated in the circle. We may place the names of specific individuals in our “blessing bowl” to help focus our intention and direct our healing energy.
  • Chanting. On average, we chant 5-8 sacred chants from each session. Words to the chants are provided to each member of the circle, along with percussion instruments to those who wish to play them. The chants serve to generate healing energy and to open each member of the circle to the flow of that energy.
  • Healing Meditation. After the chanting is done, we have 10-20 minutes that we spend in silence. During that time, members send out the energy that has been generated in the circle.
  • Closing Prayers. We close the circle by affirming our intention that the energy we generate as a group serve the spiritual needs of all beings.

chanting03.jpgOur typical session lasts about an hour. We maximize the time spent in chanting and meditation while minimizing the time spent in conversation. There are no lectures or sermons in Global Chant, and we do not promote any personal, financial, religious, or political agenda. The chanting circle is our sanctuary, which means that it is a place of safety, holiness, and healing.

The role of the Global Chant facilitator is to serve the healing mission of the group and to promote the welfare of the chanting circle and its members. If you are interested in starting your own chapter of Global Chant and serving as its facilitator, please e-mail We will be glad to send you information about how to get started.  For a good introduction to the tasks and responsibilities of a Global Chant facilitator, please read,

"The Chanting Circle," a passage from The Chanter's Guide: Sacred Chanting as a Shamanic Practice.  

 You can also download our current GC Chant Collection (Sixth Edition).

The musicians in your group will be interested in downloading GC Chords (Sixth Edition).

The following is a list of active Global Chant circles:

Tucson, AZ:  There are three circles:

1) Central- Sundays, 6pm, Water of Life church, 3269 N. Mountain Ave.

2) Eastside- The first and third Thursday of every month, 6:30pm, at Sunrise Chapel, 8421 E. Wrightstown Rd (map).

3) Northwest- The first  and third Monday of every month, 6:30pm,  in the Fireside room of the Northwest Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Northwest Tucson, 3601 W Cromwell Drive (map). 

4) Global Chant Celebration- Features our senior facilitator, top-notch musicianship, a professional PA system, and our largest space ever for dancing and Repose. First Tuesday of every month, 7pm, Armory Park Senior Center, 220 S. 5th Ave.

 For more information, e-mail

Portland, OR: For more information, please contact: James Counts

Port Townsend, WA:  Meets the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of the month from 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm at the Center for Inner Awareness (at the corner of 9th and Sheridan). Contact Amy for more information:

Seattle, WA:   World Chants is meeting every 4th Tuesday from 7:30-9pm at Interfaith Community Church 1763 NW 62nd St in Ballard. All are welcome! Contact Yana at  or 206-310-3117 for more information.