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Home Upgrades that Enhance Energy-Efficiency

When it comes to home construction and upgrades, most people look for green features that save on utility bills. Essentially, most buyers are willing to pay more upfront and save on utility costs. Here are some of the upgrades that can enhance the energy efficiency of a home.  

Old Toilets Replacement with Low-Flow Fixtures 

Toilet technology has been improving over the years. Low-flow toilets are currently a preference for most people. With these options, water moves more forcefully and at a low amount into the bowl whenever a person flushes the toilet. So, if you want to enhance the energy efficiency of your home, consider installing toilets with low-flow fixtures. 

Installation of Energy-Efficient Appliances 

When buying and installing appliances, go for those with an Energy Star sign. This certification indicates that these appliances lower energy consumption without compromising on performance. Energy-efficient appliances are the most essential and desirable home features today. They are preferred by almost 90% of moderate-income home buyers. 

Installation of Energy-Efficient Windows 

When buying a home with a tight economic background, most people look for energy-efficient windows. These include windows with triple-pane insulating glass and those with Low-E insulating glass. So, if you have a double-hung window, you can replace it with vinyl windows that are properly insulated. And you can recoup up to 74% of the costs when you resell the house. 

When it comes to the energy-efficiency standards for windows, the government sets the minimum standards. And these vary depending on the climate zone where a house is located. Therefore, shop wisely to find windows that meet the minimum requirements for your area. Essentially, energy-efficient windows should stop heat flow, block the heat from the sun, and allow a certain light amount to enter your home. 

Energy efficiency can be the determining factor when it comes to buying a home. Consider these upgrades if you want to enhance the energy efficiency of your home.…

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