New: Global Chant Celebration first Tuesday of every month, 7pm, Armory Park Senior Center, 220 S. 5th Ave.

Central Tucson Global Chant is now 6pm Sundays, Water of Life church, 3269 N. Mountain Ave. 

ACT ON WISDOM is a global fellowship committed to creating peace, sustainability and balance in the world.  We do so by living in accordance with the following wisdom:

Peace.  Act in ways that maximize benefit and minimize harm to yourself and to others.  Treat everyone with unconditional love, compassion, kindness and respect.

Sustainability. Leave the world in better shape than you found it.  Eliminate wastefulness from your life.  Make the most of the gifts and resources at your disposal.

Balance.  Make decisions that lead to health and happiness.  Live without expectations.  Avoid imposing judgment.  Practice gratitude and forgiveness.  Choose love and joy over suffering.  Serve the needs of others.

Our fellowship has no leaders.  We are inclusive rather than exclusive, and we promote idealism over ideology.  The wisdom that guides us can potentially unify the world because it is consistent with virtually all cultural traditions and beliefs. We know from direct experience that our shared wisdom has the power to heal and transform our hearts and minds, our relationships, our communities and our world.  

This website offers you the chance to connect with like-minded people who share your commitment to ACT ON WISDOM.  You will find information about our projects and events, which are having an impact on local communities and also at a global level.  Here are some of the resources you may find useful:holdinghands.jpg

  • Unifying Path offers a course of action that can be undertaken by anyone, regardless of their background or beliefs.
  • Take The Pledge  has information about a very simple way you can get started on this path.
  • Our Blog and Upcoming Events pages will update you on our projects, activities, and events.
  • WAVE1  is the core wisdom of our shared path.  It is also a set of global events that tap into the enormous creative power of our shared love and joy. The first of these events took place on June 18, 2008 and involved over one million participants in more than 40 countries.
  • In our Forum, you can exchange ideas and information related to our shared path.  Let us know of any events, activities, or organizations that are helping to create peace, sustainability and balance in the world.  We welcome healing requests for anyone you know; we will keep these individuals in our hearts and our intentions, as well as including their names in our chanting circles.  Also, please sign in here if you are interested in taking part in WAVE 1  or in any of our other global activities.  We will be posting articles, music, and announcements on a regular basis. 
  • Click on the Global Chant  link to find out how music is being used as a vehicle for creating peace, sustainability and balance.  The page includes links to Global Chant circles around the world. 
  • The Friends page offers links and contact information for other groups and organizations throughout the world who are working to promote peace, sustainability, and balance.